“Do you like to receive cool handmade gifts?  Do you like to give handmade gifts and bring joy through those gifts?  Do you want to join a project and BRING JOY EXPONENTIALLY through handmade gifts?


1. If you would like to participate, please leave a comment below this post. No reblogs, or likes. You must leave me an actual comment on my blog page (in this case, reply to this post). 

2. Post this project on your own blog—feel free to cut n’ paste. Gather three new participants and be willing / prepared to follow through with the “Pay It Forward” part!!! Please link back to this original post:(“JOIN THE FUN! Pay It Foward 2012”).

3. I will give you a (small, simple, heartfelt) handmade gift. Make sure to email me your full name and address. In turn, give (small, simple, heartfelt) handmade gifts to your participants, and let the joy grow exponentially!!!

4. *NOTE*-any and all handmade gifts are okay! We are trying to keep them small, and heartfelt. A small painting, poem, collage, etc, but with a touch of your own personal heart and creative side! I also haven’t put a time limit on my post, but I would hope they would all be made/given in a timely matter. As long as you make some kind of agreement with your gift-receivers, your deadline should be up to you…”

If you have any questions, visit Erin’s Blog or check out Badjonesrising post 

~My participants and their “Pay It Forward” blog links:

So far no one *-*

~If you are interested in participating but missed the cut-off, click on one of the above links and sign up under them (or if they are full, click on their links etc etc etc until you find one)!!!

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